Anonymous: Just wondering but when are you planning to open up your store again ? I remember meeting you at anime Boston and I bought a few keychains a from you

Hello anon, thanks! I don’t know if anyone noticed but most of the stuff on my online store are old items I don’t sell at conventions anymore. It’s probably closed for a really long time - until I get a chance to update it. But if any con goers remember what you would like from memory, I can gladly sell those items to you. 

ahh i love this sketch brush
Messing with new brushes in photoshop… I like photoshop like 300% more now I have these brushes lol
Trying to doodle for a banner on twitter… but I think I’ll change it later
Also can we talk about how much Makishima’s hair grew between 2nd and 3rd year in high school?? like wow I wish I could grow 3 feet… not to mention he probably grew taller through the years as well.
I’m so glad people like this series now…. let’s all bike together * u*
An really old story me and friend worked on during middle school - Princess Numahari. I can’t remember anything about it now other than she had blue hair XD
One of my oldest OCs, Batsu…. I haven’t drawn like any OCs for years… orz;;;
Junko my Queen~ a wip
more late night scribbles
quick scribble

Aoba doodle #dmmd

Guys you don’t understand how bored I am. I am actually drawing.
Got lazy on this one… probably will polish it up later
what do you mean this composition is similar
Yey~ finished another one! Hope to see some of you guys at ALA tomorrow!
First episode was just tumblr crack…