Also here are the new pillow plushies I made for AX in july! They’re available for preorder at my online shop too~
I’m too lazy to take proper pictures (here’s a pic from twitter) or organize them by series, so they’re just under “new pillow plush” at my shop lol.
I also made some new Free! charms to my old ones~ They are also up for preorder at my shop!
Preorder ends August 11th~ Thank you
Haikyuu!! charms up for preorder on my online shop! Preorder ends Aug 11th.
They are professionally printed 2in charms, and have cute designs on the back too.
Thanks everyone at San Japan!

It was a really tiring conventions, but thanks for everyone who stopped by chatted or bought something~ Kawaii kids always make my day

I lost my phone and shoes this weekend hahah so sad

I’m at San Japan this weekend! My table  is H9, in the back.
I’m still not sure how I feel about the background, but here’s a Maki-chan!
(I can’t draw bikes hahaha)

Restocked some of the pillow plush I sold out of at Fanime :3

You can get em at my Storenvy or Etsy shop.

(I just opened up my etsy shop and gonna try it out? though stuff there is more expensive because they charge me fees for listing and selling)

Quick late night doodle again… Realized I haven’t painted guys in a while? Not that he’s manly hahaha
My online store is open again!
You can preorder these YowaPeda animal-ear ones ~(I didn’t get to finish everyone I wanted… maybe next time)
I’m making some more charms~ They’ll be animal-eared YowaPedal ones heehee ^Q^
I really like this link joker hen season……!!
I’m catching up on Cardfight!! Vanguard… Don’t look at me (/////)
Day 3 - Draw a figure in action with reference
Been wanting to draw Chun-Li for the longest time, this was fun!
Day 2 - Draw a figure using reference
(I really wanted to draw a naked lady but couldn’t find one i liked..)
And here’s an actual self portrait… I got sick after fanime orz;;